Dataton Watchout System

Watchout System – Ferragamo Parfums – Cave di Carrara

Watchout System

Progetti Digitali ha programmato il sistema Watchout e curato la regia tecnica dell’evento live per quattro video-proiettori coprendo una superficie di proiezione di circa 6.000 metri quadrati.

Progetti Digitali programmed the Watchout system and oversaw the technical direction of the live event for four video projectors. The projection covering an area of about 6,000 square meters.

3D VIDEOMAPPING PROJECTION created by the videodesigners of The Fake Factory in Florence, Italy.

design & direction: Stefano Fake

3d mapping and animations : S.Fake, R. Cafarelli, S.Fomasi
sound design: Simone Lalli

all images © TheFakeFactory and clients 2013